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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not-Quite-Naptime Project: Fixing The Giant Hole In My Kitchen Wall

So last Thursday I showed you what a royal mess I can make of a wall in an afternoon.

To be completely honest, that wall stayed un-mudded for like, three days before I got back to it. We had other babies' birthday parties to attend, movies to watch before they became overdue at the library, and other things more important (albeit ever so slightly) than a stupid hole in a stupid wall.

But eventually I got salty just looking at it, because I do spend a great deal of time in my kitchen (barefoot and pregnant, indeed; ankle-biter, pushy Chihuahua and four under-foot cats included in the deluxe set) and it just made me angry. So I used more naptimes and after bedtimes to tackle this biznatch.

So a quick recap, and then on with the progress!

The failed toggle screws:
First cut away of drywall to remove said failed toggle screws:
All drywall cut away and one 2x4 brace installed:
Both 2x4 braces installed:
Hole drywalled and taped:
And now on to the rest of the repair project:

One coat of mud:
Two coats of mud:
First coat of primer:
Second coat of primer:
First coat of paint:
Second coat of paint:
And I saved your eyeballs the energy of processing pictures of me mounting the shelf (AGAIN) so I could just bring you this:

I had to move everything back to that counter space (and put away the construction stuff), and after doing so, something felt ... off.

Can you tell what it is?
That space under the shelf, over by the toaster, coffeemaker, and blender just felt ... blank. Like half thought-out.

So I brainstormed for about thirty seconds and came up with a solution. I grabbed the two picture frames that normally chill on the counter next to the pasta containers (that were Target Halloween decor a few years back and just managed to match my kitchen immaculately) and dug up an old IKEA Fixa kit and completed a TRULY naptime-project -- adding mounting hardware to the back of the frames so I could hang them in that blank space.

The kit and the back of the frames, one already modified, the other in waiting:

My new little cafe nook complete with Lack shelf, reinforced and patched wall, and hacked picture frames:
Isn't that so much better? And convenient? And AWESOME?!?!

Seriously, I'm just glad that I paid my HGTV dues and figured out how to fix this ALL ON MY OWN without even the internet in my back pocket. Well, I can't give my time spent watching cable all the credit, but that's a post I'm brewing for you all for sometime here soon.

So what do you think? Was this worth all the trouble in the end? Not that I really care -- you all don't have to live with it. But now you can help yourself to the coffee the next time you come over.

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