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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not-Quite-Naptime Project: The Pony Wall Surprise.

As you may have guessed, this post was also supposed to post last Thursday, but didn't. So I'm posting it now. I swear I was trying to be all consistent and responsible and not leave you guys in the lurch. Gah. Sorry. New stuff next week!

So I promised you Tuesday that there was a SUPER AWESOME reason why I was only showing you photos of the wall from one angle.

Are you ready?
We did our first IKEA Hack! 

Those are TRONES, or the cheap plastic stackable shoe cabinets that you buy in sets of three. We have approximately a million of them and so I set out to find a plausible way to use them.

I think it was on Pinterest, but it could have just been a design blog, but I saw somewhere that someone had made a bookcase out of a pony wall to create more storage in their split-level kitchen or something and I thought BRILLIANT. Except we have cats and small children and that would be a trainwreck waiting to kill someone with a single trip. If only there were a way to close it off and make it kid/pet friendly ...


We spaced everything out to make sure they fit (and to have clearance for securing the wall as much as possible) and used a screw in each side to hold them to the studs, making them sturdy and usable while also stabilizing the wall a bit. My plan is for these to be used for out-of-season items, like flip flops in the winter and hats and gloves in the summer, but you know, it's all up for discussion. Right now it's just MOAR STORAGE and that makes me happy.

Action shots also make me happy:

This was the careful dance of using a 2x4 as a brace for the wall into the joists that run in the wall below without losing the 2x4 into the wall with no way of getting it out without creating an even bigger mess than this project made. Obviously I was being most helpful by taking artsy action shots.

So the wall is a little thick to accommodate the depth of the TRONES, and those of you with eagle eyes will notice that it does angle in back at the door frame so that, you know, we can open the door beyond a foot. Obviously this is before we hung the drywall -- and as always there will need to be the addition of trim to create a completed, built-in look, and that will come in time. It was a bit more important to get it up before the kids got too curious.

I'm pretty excited about this development because not only is it our first legit hack, but it's the first project we've undertaken that was something to make the space more usable for us, but not due to necessity. Just because it would be nice. And BOOM, it was done.

There's one more surprise about this wall, though:

Admittedly, another idea from Pinterest, but this is more for the DIY crowd. It's like a time capsule for your house of the things you've done with it, for someone to find someday when they're making their own changes to the house. I figure if anyone ever wants to remove the wall (which they might), they'll have to take the top ledge off first, and here our story will be. It's a lot easier than trying to fit a lifetime onto the back of a switchplate, that's for sure.

So that's our weekend project, at least as far as we got on it.

One more 70% down, give or take. One of these days you're going to see nothing but after photos on about a hundred things and neither of us will know what to do with ourselves.
The Year of Fruition

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