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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monster Project: The Master Bedroom {Details}

Where were we?

Oh yes, we've just seen the new, complete master bedroom and now we're going to get into the nitty gritty of the details in this room, yes?

First up, the bed:
Master Bedroom Completion!
The pillows are Cynthia Rowley from a previous bed set, save for the little sequin one, which was a West Elm clearance find. The bedding is also West Elm -- the organic pintuck collection in slate, a Christmukkah present to ourselves. The bed you can barely see is from Ikea, and the light switch plate is a Home Depot find, spray painted Rustoleum's Gloss Black.

Now, the feature wall:
Master Bedroom Completion!
The wallpaper is by Shand Kydd (found at Home Depot and Lowe's) and the mirror trifecta was a local consignment store snag. Hint: they will make a crapton more sense once we get to the other side of the room.

The closets!
Master Bedroom Completion!
We built decorative pelmet boxes out of pieces of my mom's old mantle from her condo to give the curtains that conceal our closets a bit more ooomph. You can also see the trim we installed around the wallpaper and the crown -- all of which are painted in Ralph Lauren's Bone Black in Behr's High Gloss (before they added primer to holy everything, which FYI mutes saturated colors a bit).

Master Bedroom Completion!

I added a backplate for a doorknob inside the bigger rococo frame ... that completely came from inside my house. What can I say, I have spare antique hardware laying around. And obviously, I spray painted it Rustoleum's Lacquer White like the key. Still need more frames and accouterments, but one step closer, right?

[ED: I found a frame to go around the "for like ever" acrylic sign -- and a new thrift store that has buckets of awesome just waiting to be snatched up and upcycled. I'll update photos when it's not so terribly unbearably hot outside that I can't even spray paint things.]

The window:
Master Bedroom Completion!
Same curtains that cover our closets, from Urban Outfitters. The curtain rod that you can't really see here was a Big Lots find a million years ago (as were the pull-backs that are inside our closets), and we have a permanary black paper shade up for privacy until I can get around to making what I want.

Master Bedroom Completion!
These tie backs are also from Urban Outfitters, the brackets spray painted Gloss Black to match (they were originally white). I liked that they had more MORE to them than the tiny pull backs we have in our closets, you know?

On top of the dresser:
Master Bedroom Completion!
The birdcage is from our wedding (guests put cards in it) and was found at Target. The candle is one we had lying around, and the rhinestone mask is a relic of a long-ago failed attempt at a crazy Halloween costume. Long story short, my midget head syndrome struck again and the thing won't stay on my head, especially now that I rock the pixie cut. The jewelry box is from Bombay company, and the fascinator is from Tova's first birthday party, but I bought it in person at a fair from Lady Creepshow Couture on Etsy. To be honest, the fascinator is now actually inside the birdcage on top of the candle because one of the cats thought it was an awesome toy and someone may be down a life or two now.

Master Bedroom Completion!
This candle tray was a long-ago purchase at a Pottery Barn Outlet for my vanity/desk, and the bowl is part of the vintage amethyst black glass collection we amassed for our wedding decor a la eBay.

Now, I know you're like I saw a dresser last week, ladypants and you'd be correct.

But that whole shebang deserves it's own post, which I will gladly share with you Thursday.
The Year of Fruition

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