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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

An Update On The Industries.

Kiedis is puking all over the place again.

I just felt the need to put that out there. First Halloween, now Thanksgiving. Poor child has yet to celebrate a holiday properly this season. I'm just praying we don't all catch it.


So a while back I ran this IndieGoGo campaign about as poorly as one could do that sort of thing -- ends up I need a wee bit more confidence before I go asking for crowdsourced funding. In the end, I felt guilty hocking it so I didn't, which is why I'm sure some of you right now are just scratching your heads because you have no idea what I'm talking about.

That's okay.

After the generosity of a small group of people, I now am $315 closer to having a legit office space in the basement of my house from which I can concentrate on all things Tabulous Industries -- from the blogs to the  design aspects and the contract work to the future hopefully full of book deals and ... mostly book deals, but a self-employment gig with some legs would be great.

Anyway. So between the kind of insane amount of time it took to get the money from IndieGoGo to my actual bank account and then the now twice over decent into the plague my house has undergone, the process has been slow going. As much as I'd love to already have some walls knocked down and paint colors awaiting new walls to be built, it's not quite that easy.

However, we'll get to why it's a far more complicated situation than is seems later on.

For now, I need some help.

In my frustration of not being able to really DO the things I'm constantly thinking about, I did the only thing I could plausibly do while still mostly lying down and not wanting to die from the plague.

I designed a logo for The Industries.

I know, right? A little more femme than I anticipated, but hopefully still a little dark and moody and still very much me. I'm open to input. And also, ignore the URL for now. It just redirects here because I have yet to even begin to think about building that site.

A bigger problem, though, is that I need a tagline.

And that's where you come in.

I've had some really good suggestions, but none have been quite right. I'm trying to encompass EVERYTHING that I do, from blogging to social media management to DIY projects and interior design -- basically every creative venture I've endeavored upon over the last few years. But I also want it to be a reflection of me, who I am, because I'm pretty sure that everything I do creatively is just an extension of myself, packaged however best suits the present need.


Hit me with your best shot.

The Year of Fruition

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