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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Be A Voice For The Voiceless.

One of our couches is broken.

The loveseat has snapped in the front, and I'm not sure it can be repaired. I haven't been able to tip it over to see because we've all been so sick this past week, starting on Halloween, literally puking our guts out, that I've barely been able to keep this household together and functioning, never mind get projects up and running and repairs made.

Our toilet seat in our bathroom bit it, too -- I mean, it was a $0.99 snag from Ikea so I can't be too surprised, but the ferocity with which it snapped and made itself a innocuous torture device is really kind of astounding and incredibly ill-timed, since we've all been in a close, co-dependent relationship with the toilets for the past six days. The back of my left thigh bears witness.

But what's sobering, as you're wallowing around in bed hoping the Sprite you drank will stay down or not, was to watch Hurricane Sandy happen, to wait for friends to check in with you that they were safe and out of harm's way, to watch the level of destruction escalate in real time, thanks to sleepless nights and the powers of Instagram and Twitter.

Suddenly things like a broken couch or toilet seat or needing to re-caulk the windows and repaint the sills doesn't seem so daunting, so imperative, when you're watching homes that literally look exactly like yours disappear into the surf and watching those homeowners, those families, lose everything in a way they never imagined.

From what I hear from people right there, the Red Cross is being slow to help, FEMA has MIA supplies, and there are whole communities being ignored by the press and  relief efforts for whatever reason.

So, to the two people who bought something from my Etsy shop in the last couple of days, thank you, I'm donating the proceeds from your purchases to two organizations who are being overlooked in this tragedy and are in desperate need of assistance, The Ali Forney Center for Homeless LGBT Youth and to Neighborhood Cats, an NYC Trap-Neuter-Return feral cat care program. The same will be true of any purchases made in my shop until and including Small Business Saturday (11/24).

Or, you know, you can click on those links and donate to them directly. Anything, everything, helps.

Don't forget to vote today. Your voice does matter.

The Year of Fruition

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