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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Laundry Space of Nightmares.

So one of the largest issues we have with the basement stems around the laundry room. It's actually not so much of a room as a small, semi-finished space complete with a crawlspace of doom waiting to steal your soul and spare socks at a moment's notice.
Basement Shaming.
This crawlspace is actually pretty much the sole reason we don't let the cats downstairs -- because when we tried, once, when we just had two cats, the then-kitten Max IMMEDIATELY jumped up into the great soul-sucking unknown and refused to come out. We eventually had to get a Super Soaker out and nearly drown him half to death to get him to come out and he was EFFING DISGUSTING when he did. And Max is all grey so for him to look gross is actually kind of hard.

But I digress. I just really hate that crawlspace.

More of the problem is that our dryer doesn't vent to the outside, anywhere. So lint and moisture just kind of fester around the laundry space, and I'm sure the moisture is a big part of why we have mold in several spots. It's also a crazy fire hazard, but I try not to think too much about that because me and fire, we don't get along, and I'll just never sleep again if I let that fear in.
Basement Shaming.
I mean, seriously. How does that NOT strike fear into your heart? All that darkness? LINT. And spiderwebs. Which, SHUDDER.

Anyway, so if you're on your game today you probably noticed the incredibly gross towel on the ground. That's because the main ... drain, I guess? for the basement (or certainly at least the kitchen plumbing above this area and the laundry area) is right there, right next to the laundry area. And it often gets clogged with wet lint, and overflows EVERYWHERE. Which is reason #2 we have the amount of mold and gross in the future office -- because the half-assed wall that separates the two spaces is practically on top of the drainage basin, so if it overflows, it goes UNDER that wall and into the craft room. 

It's maddening, really.

So the thought here, obviously, is that we need to establish duct work to vent the dryer to the outside, but there are rules about how you do that for each dryer and basically, the more corners you make in the duct work, the less length (by a lot) you can have the duct work extend. ALSO, we're going to have to drill through masonry to get to the outside. Of course.

BUT before we do that, we have to figure out how we want this part of the basement to be in the grander scope of things because NOTHING IS EVER WHAT IS SEEMS IN THIS HOUSE. I have some ideas, but it involves moving some substantial electrical and moving/adding plumbing, which, UGH. However, if we don't do anything with the laundry space to make it FAR more sensical, we're just going to be dealing with the same mold/lint/overflow issues we've been fighting for the last few years.

SO. My mind is spinning from all of the possibility and the lack of concrete knowledge about these things, and also the downright fear of having to deal with that crawlspace.

The Year of Fruition

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