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Monday, January 14, 2013

January PSA: The Truth About Pallets.

So back in the early summer when I went to LA and met tons of cool people but got deathly sick because surprise I'm allergic to LA or something which spawned one of the worst sinus/ear infections I've had in my life, one of the cool people I met was Nick from Cupboards.
Nick is this vicious sweetheart of an Alabama gentleman (albeit it with a sharp wit and a sharper tongue) and in between forming a great friendship over German Engineering, universal design, and fancy food (plus booze!) I peeked into the world of being a kitchen and bath designer and the things that fill the creative minds of people who create some of the most used and honestly, most intimate, parts of our homes. I felt like a kid allowed to sit at the adult table for the first time, even if everything sounded underwater and I had an immobilizing fever.

Anyway, we had a very blunt, eye-opening conversation about a stance he's taken that the DIY community (if you will) has taken a great disliking to.

Sidebar: He actually told me that he wasn't sure about me when we first met because I was a DIY blogger, but I proved myself somehow and that made me okay. He just very strongly believes that there are times that you truly need a professional (to which I agree) and that sometimes just because it's cheaper if you do it doesn't mean it's good. So.

He linked me to a post of his from a while back about the use of shipping pallets in DIY home decor projects and how actually terrifyingly gross that is. (You should totally click through and read it.) It was picked up by a couple of notable sites and honestly, my mind was a little blown once I read it because it's just not something you actually think about when you see other people all OMG PAAAAAALLLLLEEEETTTTTSSSSSS and you get swept up in that whirlwind of excitement and it's like you can't see the forest for the DIY tree stands made of shipping pallets that you don't actually know where they've been and what they've carried and what all chemicals they've been treated with and you're hanging your kids' coats on it like it's NBD while you make sure they eat all their organic gluten-free macaroni off of BPA-free little plates and YOU DON'T SEE THE HYPOCRISY.

I'm so glad I never got on that pallet bandwagon. Mostly because I don't like wood unless it's super dark and smooth and shiny or, you know, painted or lacquered to hell and back.

Anyway, he got taken through the ringer and after he and I chatted some more about it, he decided to do some real research on it, and last week before he took off to Germany for a blogging trip (I mean come on, now, I was stoked for LA and holy shit, GERMANY) he posted a well-thought out follow-up to that original post.

I think you all should read it, because it's far more important than anything else I could possibly have to say to you right now. With all these pallet projects floating around Pinterest and the blogosphere I think it's worth a little consideration if you're feeling all crafty one day. I mean, this is actually scary stuff to have in your home, and I want you all to be healthy and happy and not sick all the time or slowly poisoning your babies because you were temporarily blinded by the thoughts of "free" lumber and pinnable photos.

So, just some food for thought for you, because knowledge is power my friends.

1 comment:

  1. I honestly don't get the appeal of the pallet trend. I get that they are easily accessible and cheap but...it doesn't look good?!

    The thought of what's been on them doesn't bother me particularly, but...I also think "organic" is a farce. So take that as you will.

    I will be reading his article, though!