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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When Things Break, Part One.

So, in case you've been living under a rock recently, you might know that the Midwest has been undergoing quite the cold snap. As in, today, the high is 15° F. I don't even want to talk about the wind chill. Now, I've grown up here so I know that winter gets stupid, and I'm often surprised by the people who are surprised when it does. 

But you know, that doesn't mean I'm always thinking about how bitterly cold it might get when I make some choices.

Maybe it was the fact that it barely got below 50° F last winter (true story; it was actually really freaky and unsettling) or it's probably more that I'm a novice gardener and don't know about these things, but in either regard, we've lost a couple of our comrades here at L'Casa.
When Things Break.
This actually happened a couple of weeks ago, but it's gotten progressively worse as the temperatures have continued to drop and then spike up to the 50's again for a couple of days and then back down to the teens, but yeah, I has a sad.
When Things Break.
Wouldn't you? Look at that gaping hole. In my heart.

My brother came over a couple of days ago and saw them and laughed at me (my brother is getting his turf grass degree from Penn State and will be working on a PGA Tour golf course starting in the spring and knows of things like containers left out in the winter apparently crack?) and told me that what he thinks happened is any water that was trapped in those rocks I put in the bottom for drainage expanded when it froze and now, now I'm out two giant planters at the top of my stairs because they're actually shattered throughout, these are only the pieces that have managed to fall off thus far. 

Once it's not, you know, practically 0° F outside, I'll dump the dirt and rocks and such out ... somewhere ... and send these beauties quietly into the cold, dark night (or, really, the trashcan, which is equally cold and dark), but for now they're just sitting where they've always been, looking trashy as crap. Mostly because they're frozen to the ground, but you know.

So, lesson learned. When it starts to get cold, TAKE THE DAMN PLANTERS INSIDE.

At least this means I can go shopping at HomeGoods again soon. When it's slightly warmer out.

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