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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Detail #1: The Window Seat Hits Its First Snafu. Of Course.

While I was busy showing our kids how to properly do minor demo and exploring the innards of my home, downstairs Kyle was in the kitchen working on the first step from the plans -- building the sides of the base:
Detail #1: The Window Seat

Everything was all peachy keen, the kids went for a nap, I went for a run, and Kyle ... started mumbling once he took the end braces upstairs to screw them into the walls:
Detail #1: The Window Seat

Of course.
Detail #1: The Window Seat

Meanwhile, I love that Kyle wrote notes to himself on the braces. I mean, aside from the measurements. Dude didn't want to get it wrong. I appreciate that.

A close up shows a clear overlap into the door frame of Kiedis' room, by almost exactly two inches.
Detail #1: The Window Seat

At first, Kyle was like, it's totally cool, I'll just brace it from behind and it will completely work, no big.

But from my view standing on the stairs a couple down to be on an even keel with the braces, this was all I could see:
Detail #1: The Window Seat

Not. Acceptable.

And one look from me expressed that clearly to him. 

He was pissed (at himself) for having to undo the work he'd already done, and we were both a bit confused at how directions that had the exact measurements that we needed somehow didn't fit in the space.

So we checked the other side, by Tova's door:
Detail #1: The Window Seat

Detail #1: The Window Seat

Now, the two doorways are not directly across from one another, and we knew that when we measured to see where we wanted the seat to stop. But what was most befuddling about this singular step was that we (read he) measured TO TOVA'S DOORWAY because it's the shorter one from the window wall.

The solution actually was very simple. Kyle did his math wrong and didn't account for there being two vertical 2x4s (one at each end) added to the length of horizontal 2x4 when he computed the measurements. In other words, he measured for only one end 2x4 and not, you know, two, so it's an honest (albeit amateur and really, five years in here you'd think we could figure out how to measure for a freaking square) mistake, but an annoying as all get out one.

Basic rule of DIY violated once again my my loving husband -- measure twice, cut once, with a caveat of have your wife double check you before you go all gangbusters and waste an afternoon's naptime.

Of course, the kids woke up right as this was all coming to a head on a sunny Sunday afternoon, so we had to wait until the next weekend to continue building because life doesn't stop for a DIY snafu and there were things to do like laundry and eat and so on.

And now you'll have to wait the weekend to see what we came up with.

DITD 2013

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