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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Detail #2: The Magical Kohler Toilet Seat.

Okay, this is going to be a wee graphic for a minute. Brace.

So when we were working on the master bathroom and changed out the toilet for a new, eco-friendly model (that I installed all by myself, thank you) we were blissfully unaware that toilets don't actually come with seats anymore. 

Lucky for us, at some random trip to IKEA months prior we found a whole bin of clearance plastic toilet seats for $0.99 each, which is like stupid what in the name of what cheap. Plus they were black, which was a bonus since, you know, everything else in the bathroom was too.

Anyway, so that was about last June, when we put that all together and gave ourselves two functioning toilets for the first time since we moved in five years ago?

Well, we should have bought at least ten of those suckers.
The Magical Kohler Toilet Seat via turnrightatlakemichgan.com
Because lo about Thanksgiving, the seat cracked. And because I am somewhere between a master Girl Scout and apparently frighteningly white trash, as a quick solution I used packaging tape to get that stupid seat to stop pinching our behinds whenever we sat down.

Because yeah, we left it cracked for a little while because we ... had bigger concerns. Until the seat drew blood, then obviously a MacGyvering was in order.

But the problem with that is then, for our general purposes, it was fixed.

And we left it.
The Magical Kohler Toilet Seat via turnrightatlakemichigan.com
And it got gross.
The Magical Kohler Toilet Seat via turnrightatlakemichgan.com

Sorry if you were eating. It gets better from here on out, I promise.

So after hemming and hawing about what kind of toilet seat to get and being completely shocked at (a) how many there are out there to choose from and (b) how much they cost, we finally settled on the Kohler Q3 Cachet Quiet-Close Seat in Black because reasons.

I mean, we're still over the moon about our kitchen faucet and Kohler seemed to have the best selection of shapes and features and this one fit our budget, so we bit the bullet and gave it a whirl.

Seriously five minutes after I had it out of the box, I had it installed. It took longer to remove the old IKEA one than it did to install this beaut.

And if ever a toilet seat could be beautiful, this one certainly is.
The Magical Kohler Toilet Seat via turnrightatlakemichigan.com
SO SHINY. And no packaging tape. WIN.

But then, a completely unintentional discovery:
TA-DA! May little (or big) fingers never get pinched again. And may I never have to listen to my kids slam a toilet seat over and over and OVER AND OVER because at times THEY ARE SADISTS.

Aside: I'm writing this at 1:15 AM on Thursday morning after two of three days of Kyle having late meetings at work and he came home today to tell me he's being put on some panel at some conference in the middle of April and he will be COMPLETELY GONE for 3-4 days and I think I might break, you guys. I'm not built for single parenting. Cheers to those who do it by choice or by circumstance. I would be in the looney bin for sure. Point being, if I'm punchy, now you know why. NO REST. 

So while this may seem silly in comparison to our first Detail of the year, this has been an issue that's been on the joint to-do list for a while and sitting down and discussing the pros and cons of various toilet seats is actually more complicated and draining than you think.
The Magical Kohler Toilet Seat via turnrightatlakemichigan.com

And now we can potty without fearing being cut by our own toilet. It's really the little things, you guys.

DITD 2013

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