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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Superheroes and Pin-Ups and Calendars, Oh My!

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So do you all remember over the summer when I was like, hey, there's going to be photoshoots happening in my house that are not of me and my family?

Well, let's talk about that.

So the studio I do contract work for (and designed the newest studio space for) works with a photographer for their pin-up shoots that they do a few times a year. That photographer, Keely Weis, had a goal for herself to do a personal project that would help benefit others.

I'll let her tell you:
I went into last year wanting to do more personal projects, and to actually do a series or two of themed photos. The Superhero Pin Ups came to me literally right after I had just wrapped up my first series of the year with my friends. We were sitting around my living room, just chatting, and I mentioned wanting to do an image where a girl, dressed in a black dress and glasses a la Clark Kent, has her skirt blown up to reveal superman underwear. It was based loosely off this image I saw once of just a girl twirling her skirt to reveal pink undies that had a logo on it. I never saw it after that, but it stuck with me. Then it snowballed from there. I thought of Mystique, who is my favorite, and her turning from a pin up, to her regular blue self through a series of images. My friend Sarah, who is obsessed with Thor, said I should do a Thor a inspired pin up. She ended up being Thor in my series.
Deciding to the calendar was a hard decision, because then I had to come up with 12 different concepts, but I felt a lot of pressure to actually do something with the images, so the calendar for RAINN was conceived. The superheroes seemed really suited for the cause, since they live to protect those who need it most.
I mean, right? So while she was planning this, she was scoping locations, and the owner of Femme Fatale clued her into L'Casa and thought maybe it could work out for a location. So I sent Keely some photos of the house and directed her here, and she pretty much lost her everloving mind with glee via Facebook Messenger.

Some scheduling stuff got a bit complicated -- organizing models, make-up & hair people, assistants, and a time we were home was more difficult than you'd think -- but in the end, the whole calendar turned out awesome.

Keely's been keeping the whole thing pretty tightly under wraps, but she's sharing the three images she used in the calendar taken here at L'Casa with you all (and me!)

So without further ado, L'Casa's debut as an officially scouted location:

I'm speechless, you guys. (Also, it's like the kitchen's swan song here, aww.)

ANYWHOODLE, the calendar is full of awesome concepts and gorgeous models and it's only $13 (+S&H if you're not local) and the proceeds all go to RAINN and I think you all should get one, even if you already have your 2014 calendar for the year. Put it up in your bathroom or something. You can never have too many calendars.

If you're local, you can contact me or Keely to get your hands on one or swing by Femme Fatale Fitness after this Friday to pick one up. If you're not in or around Dayton, you can email Keely to order one via PayPal.

And if you find yourself perusing her website and happen upon a blue-and-purple haired pin-up, I mean, just know that she works with all kinds of people and she'd love to work with you, too. ;) All of the above methods of communication work for scheduling shoots, and she's even running a deal on a Valentine's Day Pin-Up & Boudoir session RIGHT NOW:
Which includes up to three outfits, and Ruby, the stylist & MUAH artist has the coolest vintage collection -- you'll feel like you're playing the most awesome game of dress-up ever in your life, I promise.

I'm beyond flattered that Keely chose to shoot at L'Casa and share the images here with you all -- I'd love if this kind of thing happened more often. It would give me more excuse to deep clean on the regular, so if anyone out there is looking for a place to do a photoshoot and you think we might be the right fit, shoot me an email.

Lastly, I think if you're thinking about procuring a calendar, you might want to comment on this post. I think they'd make an excellent early Valentine's Day gift for someone ... even yourself. ;)


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Next week, you guys, the Kitchen Chaos begins.

This post is not sponsored, though I did receive a discount on a pin-up session from Keely in exchange for using our home as a shoot location. Any calendar giveaways will be paid for out of my own pocket because I believe in supporting causes like RAINN. I just thought a little disclosure may be appropriate.


  1. I wouldn't necessarily ever want to dress up as a super hero MYSELF, but S would make a great Black Widow...

  2. The calendar Looks awesome. IDK who I'd want to dress up as, but my hubby is a Batman freak, so I'd probably do that for him.. Or Robin or something..

  3. I would love to dress up as Barbara Gordon's Batgirl!