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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Polar Vortex Is Ruining Everything.

The thing I was not anticipating this week was another OMFG NO SCHOOL FOR ANYONE kind of stuff.

Except it wasn't as easy as that -- it was Kyle having two-hour delays and Kiedis riding the bus the whole three blocks to his school but me not feeling safe in driving Tova to her school on the north side of town, and then snow days for the kids but not for Kyle -- so needless to say my progress on about anything has been nil.

I mean, I managed to shower. That's about it.

Which is a great part of why I forgot about my giveaway! SO, without further ado
Amanda Schleman
Stephanie Poulos
You are the winners! I'll be sending you an email shortly to figure out where I can mail the calendars to! Yay!

Anyway, so with this closet unit, the bottom section is two IKEA RAST smooshed together to make a dresser-like base, with two pieces of PureBond plywood to make an end casing.

But that's not all! (sorry, I'm punchy.)

What we decided to do, as you may be able to tell from this photo from Tuesday:
Upstairs Bedroom Closet Build via turnrightatlakemichigan.com
Is divide the top section into three parts: the center with three cubbies and the two side portions with adjustable shelves (with the potential down the road to remove the shelves and have hang bars because flexibility). You can see the bottom cubby has been framed out above; just imagine one more stationary shelf above that and there's your cubby tower. We may or may not divide it further for things like shoes and whatnot, but that's getting a bit ahead of ourselves at the present.

SO. In order to properly drill equal and level holes for the adjustable shelves on each end part, we found this nifty little jig thing:
Upstairs Bedroom Closet Build
Which evenly spaces the little pin hole things and makes it crazy easier to make this whole thing look profesh.

Yes I just said "profesh" shut the hell up I'm just now having my first coffee of the day and I have not had hardly as much time to myself to do anything INCLUDE USE THE FRIGGIN BATHROOM without being overcome by tiny humans and furry creatures and I'm nearing the end of my proverbial rope.

The struggle is real, you guys.

However, with the hole-making-jig-thing, it's been too damn cold outside for Kyle to be able to cut down the boards we bought for shelves (as there's not currently enough room in the basement for that kind of thing)
so my ability to check out the accuracy of this particular gadget is still truncated.

Meanwhile, I have primed the unit (after sanding and patching a few screw holes and such) and also the drawers, leaving my kitchen still looking like this:
Upstairs Bedroom Closet Build via turnrightatlakemichigan.com
They're actually more center right now, so that we can access the sink and the cabinets there, but yeah. As Kyle put it, at least we now know that an island is not something this kitchen can handle without us tripping all over each other and everything else.

It's a giant pain in the ass, but I still have to paint them and again, the kitchen is the best place to do that. But having two kids that want SO BAD to help but have NO patience or ability to listen to instructions and having them around ALL THE TIME because they may never have school again at this rate has severely stunted progress in that arena.

In all arenas, actually.

So my hope is that this weekend we can somehow eek out some time to continue to work on this, and then I'll be able to kind of bridge the gap between the progress on the kitchen and this closet and explain why it the two are far more connected than you may realize.

Stay safe and warm (and sane) out there!

We are being reimbursed for our use of PureBond products, however all opinions and viewpoints are strictly our own.

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